Discover the Top 2023 Video Production Jobs Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is a great place to find excellent video production jobs Philadelphia and take your skills to the next level. There are many opportunities in the City of Brotherly Love for professionals specializing in this field. 

Along with top companies providing these positions and valuable know-how, there are many opportunities. So let’s explore what Philadelphia offers its creative video production hopefuls!

Exploring Video Production Jobs Philadelphia

Understanding Video Production Jobs

Before exploring the Philadelphia job opportunities, let’s first understand what video production entails. 

Video production involves the creation of visual content through various stages. The stages include pre-production, production, and post-production. It encompasses tasks such as:

  • Video Production Jobs PhiladelphiaScriptwriting

  • Directing

  • Filming

  • Editing

  • Audio production

Philadelphia is a hub of video production. And the professionals that drive this industry are offered various opportunities to showcase their expertise. 

From digital video recording to corporate videography, and event taping, there’s no shortage of work for those within it. To gain a better insight into what positions exist, we can break down some core roles around town:

  • Digital movie makers

  • Multimedia deliverables technicians

  • Crew members specializing in media delivery services

Whether searching for full-time employment or short-term projects, the choice is yours!

Digital Video Production Roles

Digital video production involves crucial roles like director, producer, cinematographer, and editor. Each role is critical in creating a captivating, high-quality film that meets the customer’s expectations. 

As the demand for digital content rises, mastering these skills can provide countless career opportunities. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, refining your digital video production skills can lead to significant success in this field. 

Video and Multimedia Deliverables SpecialistsVideo and Multimedia Deliverables Specialists

Successfully producing print, digital, and video content using up-to-date graphic design tools and principles requires strong knowledge of said elements. Excellent communication skills is a huge plus. 

Likewise, there needs to be proficiency in organizing complex projects from the concept stage to the final delivery. Also needed by any prospective candidate aspiring to these positions out there.

Video Services Crew Members

Video services crew members form a key component of any video production team. They can be anything from:

  • Camera operators

  • Sound technicians

  • Professionals handling technical aspects such as lighting and positioning cameras

Their aim is always to get footage at the highest possible quality level. To become successful in this field, you need to be an understanding of how video production works. Plus expertise with post-production software. 

Other Types of Video Production Jobs

  1. Videographer/Cinematographer

    You’ll be responsible for capturing high-quality footage as a videographer or cinematographer. Of course, using cameras and other equipment. You’ll work closely with directors and producers to bring their vision to life.

  2. best video production jobs philadelphiaVideo Editor

    Video editors are skilled in assembling raw footage. They add special effects and refine the visual narrative. They play a crucial role in post-production. Editors ensure the final product is polished and engaging.

  3. Scriptwriter

    Scriptwriters are responsible for crafting compelling narratives and dialogues for videos. They collaborate with directors and clients. They must understand the project’s goals and create scripts that convey the desired message.

  4. Producer

    Producers oversee all aspects of video production. It’s their role, from budgeting and scheduling to hiring talent and managing logistics. They ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet the client’s requirements.

  5. Sound Designer

    Sound designers handle the audio aspects of video production. They create and mix sound effects, dialogue, and music. It is to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Essential Skills for Video Production Professionals

To succeed in video production, professionals must have diverse skills. Technical expertise in cameras, lighting, and editing is essential. Creative leadership, time management, communication, and organization are also vital. 

Fluency with post-production software and familiarity with web hosting platforms are crucial for this industry’s success. Mastering these steps is the key to executing video productions effectively. Achieving great results is also part of it. 

Video Production Process Knowledge

Comprehending the video production procedure is a must to generate quality videos. The process encompasses four stages: 

  • Pre-production

  • Production

  • Post-production

  • Distribution

Each encompasses diverse activities such as planning, scripting, capturing footage, and editing. Having exhaustive knowledge about the video-making system will guarantee that all steps are done accordingly.

That you are going to obtain the desired results. Being well-versed in this strategy gives any aspiring video producer an advantage.

media asset management software skillsVideo Post-Production Software Proficiency

Knowing video post-production software is critical for anyone in the video production industry. Popular programs used include:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Final Cut Pro X

  • DaVinci Resolve

These programs can change material, apply effects, generate titles, and save videos in the necessary format. Being familiar with these types of software enables professionals to produce eye-catching movies. Fast and efficient. 

Making them stand out more on their career path! Consequently, those involved must keep themselves up to date. Be aware of the new technology available, potentially improving their work even further.

Familiarity with Web Video Hosting Platforms

Being well-versed in many web video hosting options is essential as a video production professional. 

  • Vimeo

  • repairs video production equipmentSpotlight

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • Wistia

  • Dailymotion Jetpack VideoPress

  • Uscreen

These are just a few examples of the many platforms that have emerged recently. Uploading your videos to these sites and optimizing your content for visibility are crucial skills to master. 

Staying current with each platform’s unique features can guarantee that your projects reach the appropriate audience. 

Where to Find Video Production Jobs in Philadelphia

Now that we have an overview of the different video production roles let’s explore where you can find job opportunities. 

Online Job Portals

Websites like

  • Indeed

  • LinkedIn

  • Glassdoor 

They are excellent resources for finding video production jobs. You can search for specific roles, set job alerts, and submit applications through these platforms.

video project managementLocal Production Companies

Research and compile a list of local companies that align with your interests. Visit their websites or reach out directly to inquire about job openings.


Attend industry events, workshops, and seminars. You can use these events to network with video production professionals. Building connections can lead to valuable job opportunities and insights.

Freelancing Platforms

Consider starting your video production career as a freelancer. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr offer opportunities to showcase your skills. You can gain practical experience while working on various projects.

Skills and Qualifications

Videographers are storytellers. While specific job requirements may vary, certain skills and qualifications are valued in the video production industry. Digital video production experience is a huge plus. 

Technical Skill

Familiarize yourself with industry-standard video production software like:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Final Cut Pro

  • DaVinci Resolve

A solid understanding of camera operation, lighting techniques, and audio equipment is also crucial.

Creativity and Storytelling

Video production is a creative field that relies on effective storytelling. Develop your ability to conceptualize ideas, craft narratives, and evoke emotions through visuals and sound.

Attention to Detail

Paying attention to even the smallest details can make a significant difference in the quality of your work. Ensure your videos have smooth transitions, proper color grading, and accurate sound synchronization.

Collaboration and Communication

Video production is rarely a solitary endeavor. Strong collaboration and communication skills are essential for working effectively with directors, clients, and fellow team members.

Time Management

Deadlines are common in the video production industry. Managing time efficiently, prioritizing tasks, and meeting project milestones are crucial for success.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Video production often involves unexpected challenges and changes. 

Adaptability and openness to feedback and revisions are essential to deliver high-quality work under varying circumstances.

Portfolio Development

Build a strong portfolio that showcases your best work. Include a variety of projects that highlight your skills and versatility. Consider creating a demo reel to provide a concise overview of your abilities.

Other skills:

  • Creative video editing proficiency

  • Video media management

  • Creative video concepts (or creative development ability)

  • Video project management

  • Has post-production techniques

  • Can develop unique visual solutions

  • Creative storytelling expertise

Video Production Equipment Maintenance and Repair

with communication skills exceptional abilityTaking care of video production equipment is vital for any professional in this field. Keeping the items clean and regularly inspecting them to ensure they function correctly. This helps maintain the best quality when producing videos while protecting their longevity. 

If there appear to be persistent problems, it’s best to contact an expert straight away. Proper maintenance can save time and resources long-term. 

Ensuring everything runs smoothly guarantees excellent outcomes when creating a film or television show with superb visuals every single time.

If you want to thrive and stand out from other applicants, learn all the best video practices and content strategies for video production. 

Video Production Manager Roles

The role of a video production manager is essential. The person in charge ensures an efficient process from start to finish. It includes:

  • Managing budgets

  • Timelines and

  • Keeping all stakeholders informed throughout the whole project

One must possess excellent organizational and communication skills to succeed in this position. A full understanding of the stages involved in video production. Including proficiency with post-production software platforms and familiarity with video web hosting services. 

full service marketing for videos and video production philadelphiaVideo production managers guarantee success by:

  • Providing accountability for projects

  • Staying on time within budget limits

  • Adhering to quality standards throughout each stage of development


With proficiency and skill sets that include digital video production, web hosting platforms, and post-production software knowledge, as well as experience with multimedia deliverables specialists or even partaking on a crew for professional services. 

Success is there for anyone willing to pursue it. There are countless possibilities when engaging within this field. Embrace it!

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